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The band formerly known as Atomic Finger

About us

“What’s in a name?”

The band formerly known as “Atomic Finger” changed their name towards the latter years of their existence to “Five Long Days”. Though locally they will always answer to being “Atomic Finger” it is the new moniker that the band prefer.

“Five Long Days” is a lyric from a Wildhearts song and eludes to the working week seemingly lasting for ages with the sweet release of the weekend.

Sadly Steve lost his fight with pancreatic cancer in January 2023. He was the driving force behind our songs. Though he’ll be missed as a fantastic drummer it is as the loss of one of our closest friends that we remember him by.

Where can I hear the music?

Remastered all for free (1994 – 2005)

Rudi has digitally remastered the back catalogue and they are now available on all major digital music platforms.

“Youth of Today”

The band’s first EP demo CD was professionally produced and duplicated with full colour sleeve and printed image on CD.

We still have a number of these which can be purchased for £5 plus postage and packaging.
If you are interested please contact us below.

Bonus Material??

There are a few of the band’s songs that never made it to the studio. If we have enough interest maybe we could take care of some unfinished business.

There is also a digital version of our only London gig which could find its way to being shared…

The Band

Dan Bache


Ste Hadzik

Drums and backing vocals

Rudi Heinemann


Ol Hughes


Remember us from the halcyon days of the Limelight? No?
Us, neither

Were you a fan?
We’d love to hear from you…

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